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Apparently images of simulated rape are not deemed harmful to society. What now? →

Dave Pearson from the ministry’s [Ministry of Justice] criminal policy unit wrote in early May: “We have no evidence to show that the creation of staged rape images involves any harm to the participants or causes harm to society at large.”

It has been illegal to publish “portrayals of rape” in the UK since 1959, but material can be legally available to download online if put on foreign websites.

Rape Crisis South London campaigner Fiona Elvines said: “It is a serious omission not to have included images depicting rape and other non-consensual acts as they did in Scotland.

"This is not about making a distinction between real and simulated rape and child sexual abuse, with the latter being perfectly lawful to possess as long as it is ‘fantasy’ and actors are over 18.

In what decent, sane mind is it unharmful to have images of a woman (or a man), or an adult dressed as a child, portrayed as the victim in rape scenarios? Please explain to me, in words of one syllable, how this is not harmful to society.

(also, if it’s so “unharmful” then why is it illegal to post such images on British websites?)

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